Reece Waddell named as the Daily’s new editor-in-cheif

Published online and in print at on April 26, 2017

A committee of 16 faculty, students and university administrators selected current sports editor Reece Waddell to be the editor-in-chief of the North Texas Daily beginning this summer.

Waddell, a digital and print senior, has worked for the paper since spring 2015. Before becoming a section editor, he was the senior sports writer from fall 2015 to spring 2016.

Since serving as the sports section editor, Waddell has discovered a new passion for editing and helping his writers grow and improve. Waddell always knew he wanted to be a sports editor but after being able to edit every day, he set a new goal for himself: becoming editor-in-chief.

“I take a lot of pride in teaching other people and helping them reach their goals,” Waddell said. “I’ve had several editors and mentors help me along the way, and I wanted to be able to help anyone on the paper, not just someone in the sports section.”

Hannah Lauritzen, the current editor-in-chief, said Waddell’s sports section is always in tip top shape and he’s always ready to fix a problem that comes up.

“I think he’s well qualified and well prepared for the job and knows the craft extremely well,” Lauritzen said.

Waddell has plans to re-design the paper’s website and hopes to launch a new North Texas Daily app for both iOS and Android devices. Waddell also wants to collaborate with North Texas Television and in hopes of developing a partnership for sharing content.

With collaboration, the Daily would potentially share NTTV and content on their website and in return, those outlets would do packages and stories over the topics the Daily covers.

“Since we are a digital-first publication, my goal is to capitalize on our potential in the digital space and maximize our reach,” Waddell said.

With the Frank W. and Sue Mayborn College of Journalism moving to Sycamore Hall over the summer, Waddell expects it to be an exciting time for the Daily. The paper will soon have a new office and location, which will give the paper a new start.

“It’s my goal to bring fresh ideas to our new office and a ton of energy as we begin this new chapter,” Waddell said. “The Daily has tremendous potential, and with these new initiatives, I believe we can reach new heights this publication has not seen before.”

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