Polling at the Bridge Church

Published 11/8/16 at ntdaily.com

Voters scurried all over the Bridge Church at 4582 Fishtrap Road, one of the many polling locations in Denton.
The church used both paper and electronic ballots, while voters generally had no issues with their votes being cast at the location.
Cindy Simpson Davis, an employee at Glen Davis Insurance, cast her vote electronically because she believes more errors can occur with a paper ballot. Simpson Davis also plans to turn her television channels away from the election coverage tonight.
“Whatever is going to happen is going to happen and there’s not anything I can do about it,” Simpson Davis said. “I’ve done what I could.”
Heather Siwek, 44-year-old Denton resident, said her voting experience at The Bridge was fast and simple.
“I’m hopeful that my candidate will win but I’m not watching any news,” Siwek said. “I’m just trying to keep calm and not panic.”
Siwek cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton and like many other voters, the election has stressed out the stay-at-home mother until now.
“I’ll find out, and I don’t want to get stressed out about it,” Siwek said. “I’m just going to take it easy and watch something that’s not related to the election.”
Teresa Lubbers, a receiving clerk for Walmart, has voted Democrat for her entire life. Today, however, she voted for Donald Trump.
“I just like the guy,” Lubbers said. “I don’t care for Hillary very much.”
Lubbers hopes a businessman like Trump can get the job done.
“I’m not going with her just because I’m a woman, I just don’t know about her,” Lubbers said. “I think she’s dishonest and I’m not going to go against him just because he says bad things about women, it’s what kind of job he can do.”
56-year-old retired business owner Kevin Bradshaw has lived in Texas all his life and always votes for Democrats but doesn’t use a down vote.
“One of the reasons I don’t vote a straight ticket is [that] you might miss somebody,” Bradshaw said.
Bradshaw went through each candidate individually so he could vote against his party on issues like the railroad commission.
“I check them off individually, it just makes me feel better.”

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